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The Spring of Law Science 2014

On 3rd – 4th February 2014, Faculty of Law of Vilnius University continued the tradition established in 2013 to start the new year of studies with „The Spring of Law Science“.

This event, announcing the beginning of the studies and the awakening of science, this year was dedicated to the criminal justice research. On 3rd of February there was a conference „Research of criminal justice branches“. During the conference professors from Vilnius University, Mykolas Romeris University and also judges of the Supreme Court of Lithuania and the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania discussed relevant issues of the criminal justice. There was a possibility to watch the conference online.

On the second day of the event members of the Students’ Scientific Society presented their research. Also, the Faculty’s Alumni Society awarded students Ovidijus Speičius, Goda Sungailaitė, Regina Kavaliauskaitė and Sandra Čiaraitė with the Memorial Scholarship of Professor Jonas Žeruolis. Students’ researches were evaluated according to how thoroughly and methodologically correct they were, how presented they were and how original and relevant their topics were, what sources were used in the research.

The event sponsor “INFOLEX” also awarded all the participants of the conference and presented valuable prizes to the three best presenters of this year’s speakers in private, public, criminal justice and criminology sessions. Awarded students were Inesa Chmurec, Minara Matulionytė and Edgaras Tomas Paberalis.

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