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Conference “Economic Crisis and the Rule of Law”

On 26 September 2015, the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Lithuania hosted a conference “Economic Crisis and the Rule of Law”, which was organized by Vilnius University Faculty of Law. The conference was intended to analyse the impact of economic crisis on the legal system, and to evaluate the legislation adopted in the face of the crisis in terms of legal democratic standards.

During the conference, a collective monograph “The Crisis, the Rule of Law and Human Rights” (science editor Prof. Dr. (HP) E. Kūris) was presented. In the book, co-authors Prof. Dr. A. Andruškevičius, Dr. I. Isokaitė, D. Kriaučiūnas, Prof. Dr. (HP) E. Kūris, Assoc. Prof. Dr. G. Lastauskienė, Dr. M. Lukas, Dr. E. Masnevaitė, Dr. A. Medelienė, Dr. V. Milašiūtė, Assoc. Prof. Dr. D. Petrylaitė, Dr. V. Petrylaitė, D. Pūraitė-Andrikienė and Prof. Dr. D. Žalimas presented the final research results of the project of Vilnius University “The Economic Crisis (Recession) Challenges for the Rule of Law and Human Rights”.

“The monograph analyses in depth the global economic crisis in the period 2008-2014 that has had an impact on the economy of Lithuania and has possibly changed the standards of the rule of law and human rights. The book extensively investigates the economic crisis in Lithuania in terms of the right to good governance and freedom of economic activity, public finance (budget process, fees and payments, banking and financial market supervision) regulation, social rights, political and personal rights, judicial independence (the right to a fair trial) and legal dispute resolution,” is annotated in the monograph.

The monograph is available in major Lithuanian libraries. Its open access version in the Lithuanian and English languages ​​is available in the National Lithuanian Academic Electronic Library (eLABa).

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