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Doctoral Dissertations in Progress

Department of Criminal Justice

Name Surname Department Title of Dissertation
Justinas Bagdžius Criminal Justice Exemption from Criminal Liability on Bail
Martynas Dobrovolskis Criminal Justice Criminal Liability for Tax Evasion in Accordance with the Criminal Laws of Lithuania and Foreign Countries
Askar Kudaibergenov Criminal Justice Criminal Liability for Corruption Offences (Comparative Legal Analysis of Practice in Kazakhstan, Lithuania and EU)
Ugnė Markevičiūtė Criminal Justice Legal Cooperation Among the Member States of the European Union with Regard to Assuming and Transferring the Sentenced to a Custodial Sentence for Further Execution of a Sentence
Laura Martinaitytė Criminal Justice The Institute of Protection of Human Rights in Criminal Procedure
Laura Mickevičiūtė Criminal Justice Criminal Liability for Trading in Influence
Ieva Marija Ragaišytė Criminal Justice Environmental Crimes According to Lithuanian Criminal Code
Evaldas Raistenskis Criminal Justice Criminal Liability for Contraband
Ramunė Steponavičiūtė Criminal Justice Corpus Delicti of Authorship Misappropriation
Laura Šivickaitė Criminal Justice Evaluation of Scientific Practical and Procedural Competencies of Forensic Expert: Peculiarities and Consequences for Truthful Judgement

Department of Private Law

Name Surname Department Title of Dissertation
Edvinas Bakanauskas Private Law Protection of Minority Shareholders’ Rights in Group of Companies
Aurelija Balčiūnė Private Law Unfair Terms in Contracts between Traders (B2B) in the Context of the Common European Sales Law
Ineta Breskienė Private Law Legal Aspects of the Use of Artificial Intelligence
Simona Bronušienė Private Law Problematic Aspects of Harmonization of Inheritance Law in the European Union
Lina Dzindzelėtaitė-Šaltė Private Law The Current Situation and the Protection of Creditors’ Interests in Relationship with the Bankruptcy Trustee in Lithuanian Law
Mindaugas Gedeikis Private Law Derivative Financial Instruments
Vaida Jankauskienė Private Law Impact of the Public Law to the Application of the Principle of the Freedom of Contract
Justinas Jarusevičius Private Law Business Judgment Rule
Vaidas Kontrimas Private Law Approaches to Problems Regarding Compensation of Damages Caused by Unfair Competition Actions
Eglė Kurelaitytė Private Law Free Movement of Persons and Family Law
Vilius Kuzminskas Private Law Research of Problems of Contracting Authorities in Public Procurement
Larysa Matveichuk Private Law Principle of Social State
Sebastjan Okinčic Private Law Problems of International Commercial Litigation with the United Kingdom after Brexit
Ana Pliner Private Law Legal Problems of InterCountry Adoption under the Hague Convention of 29 May 1993 on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of InterCountry Adoption
Agnė Selvestravičiūtė Private Law Theoretical and Practical Problems of Legal and Commercial Guarantees in Consumer Protection Law
Olga Shevchenko Private Law European Union Standards of Insurance Law in the Motor Vehicle Sector
Gabrielė Taminskaitė Private Law The Realisation of Principle of the Welfare State in Lithuanian and French Law: A Comparative Analysis
Miglė Žukauskaitė Private Law Mediator as a Facilitator in Dispute Resolution

Department of Public Law

Name Surname Department Title of Dissertation
Alaa Al Dakour Al Aridi Public Law The Problem of Hybrid War in International Law
Agnė Andrijauskaitė Public Law The Principles of Administrative Punishment under the ECHR
Laurynas Balčiūnas Public Law Legal and Tax Aspects of Financial Market Regulation
Simona Bareikytė Public Law Amendment of an Individual Administrative (Management) Act Ex Officio
Indra Burneikaitė Public Law Public Finance and Tax Law of Lithuania During the Interwar Period
Edvard Gasperskij Public Law Legal Regulation of E-Commerce Platform Taxation
Paulius Griciūnas Public Law Search of Sustainable Interaction Model between the Constitutional Courts and the Court of Justice of the European Union
Rūta Janeckaitė Public Law Impact of European Union Law on Lithuanian Healthcare System
Justina Januševičienė Public Law Biothechnology: Law and Ethics
Lijana Kanarskienė Public Law Legal Ethics: Regulation and Implementation
Tadas Lukošius Public Law The Concept of European Ius Commune in XI-XVIII Centuries
Karolina Mickutė Public Law Legal Framework of the International Market: Trade Liberalization, Transparency and Efficiency
Justinas Poderis Public Law Legal Regulation of Renewable Energy Promotion: Problematic Aspects
Rimantė Rudauskienė Public Law Green Public Procurement as Means to Ensure Sustainable Development
Eglė Ruzgytė Public Law Responsibility for Infringements of Professional Ethics of Judges
Sigita Sriubaitė Public Law Common European Legal Culture. Lithuanian Perspective
Rimantas Šadžius Public Law Legal Basis and Regulatory Problems of Public and Private Sectors
Eimantė Šilvaitė Public Law The Activities Supervision Model of Economic (Business) Entities: Lex Generali and Lex Specialis
Klaudijus Kornelijus Širvelis Public Law Problems of Realization of Citizen’s Constitutional Right to Assembly
Kristina Romualda Tankevičiūtė-Dobrovolskienė Public Law Constitutional Aspects of Autonomy of Higher Education Schools
Laurynas Totoraitis Public Law Legal Argumentation in the Field of Cyber Law
Vytis Turonis Public Law The Constitutional Principal of Separation of Church and State: National and Comparative Research
Andrius Valuta Public Law The Relation Between the Concept of Law, Judgment and Separate Opinion in the Judicial Practice of the Republic of Lithuania
Evelina Agota Vitkutė Public Law Liberal Professions: Regulation, Deregulation and Self-Regulation

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