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Vilnius University Faculty of Law was established in 1641 on the 11 of October by the privilege of King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania Władysław IV Vasa.

For almost two hundred years (till 1832, when Nikolaj I, Emperor of Russia ordered to close the university down) law was taught here by the prominent scientists of the time: H.Stroynowski, A.A.Olizarowski, A.L.Capelli, I.Daniłowicz, I.Oldachowski, S.Malewski, J.Jaroszewicz J.Lelewel, etc.

In 1919 Vilnius University was re-established again but since the region was annexed by Poland, Lithuanian law school continued its work in Kaunas.

In the second half of 1922 a Faculty of Laws was established in the temporary capital. Such outstanding Lithuanian lawyers as P.Leonas, V.Biržiška, A.Janulaitis, M.Romeris etc were lecturing in it.

When Lithuania had recaptured the Vilnius region, the Faculty of Laws and the Faculty of Humanities were transferred from Kaunas to the capital. In March 1942 the Faculty of Law was closed again but then after two years it resumes its activity and performs it to this day.