Center of Ukrainian Law

The purpose of the Centre’s is to bring together scientists and researchers, lecturers and legal practitioners from Ukraine, Lithuania and other countries to carry out activities of science, studies and cooperation in various forms aimed at learning and developing Ukrainian law and its legal system,strengthening the Ukrainian legal community’s relations with lawyers from other countries.

Objectives of the Center:

– to Initiate, organize and carry out research related to the legal system of Ukraine and its separate branches of law, legal research related to the integration of Ukraine into the European Union and the international community, interdisciplinary and comparative research;

– To organize scientific, scientific-practical and educational events and events aimed at establishing institutional, personal and academic contacts;

– To initiate, organize and carry out the teaching of study subjects, courses and modules in Lithuania and Ukraine, to contribute to the implementation of the study programs of the Faculty

– To collect and systematize information on the legal system and legal regulation of Ukraine, material on the conducted research and to provide access to it in accordance with the procedure established by the Faculty

– To foster relations with higher education institutions, legal institutions, research institutions, non-governmental and professional organizations of Ukraine, Lithuania and other countries;

– Carry out and develop services, consultancy and expertise related to Ukrainian law;

– Disseminate achievements nationally and internationally.

Courses for Ukrainian Students who Continue their Studies at  Vilnius University

Timetables for Ukrainian Students who Continue their Studies at  Vilnius University