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Student Representation of the Faculty of Law

The Student Representation of the Faculty of Law is the biggest subdivision of an organisation representing students in Lithuania. The aim of the organisation is to protect and represent each student of the Faculty of Law, to coordinate different interests that each of us has, seek compromises, advise and support a student in cases of an argument between students and the administration, to contribute to the improvement of study quality and tackle other problems that might arise.

The Representation organises events that get a wide response among students and society:

KoDi – Day of Constitution. The peak is when a Constitution cup is given to a person who has contributed to protecting his/her or other persons’ rights by the use of the Constitution.

TeDi – Lawyers’ Day, a celebration that has existed for over thirty years. On this day joyful traditional events take place, to mention a few – an auction, a conference, and the final concert that concludes the event.

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