ELSA Lietuva

On 13 December 1990 Vilnius University Faculty of Law students established a union of Lithuanian law students that joined the international network of European law students association (ELSA) and changed its title to the “Lithuanian group of European Law Student Association (ELSA Lietuva)”.

ELSA Lietuva

ELSA Lietuva is a national group of an international network of ELSA that has one branch – ELSA Vilnius – at the Faculty of Law of Vilnius University. Other two branches work at Mykolas Romeris University (ELSA MRU) and Vytautas Magnus University (ELSA VDU).

The vision of ELSA Lietuva is

A just world in which human dignity and cultural distinction are respected.

ELSA Lietuva aims to

  • encourage and develop international cooperation of Lithuanian law students and young lawyers, broaden academic knowledge, develop intercommunication, initiative and responsibility
  • organise a wide range of events that provide law students and young lawyers with legal information, professional expertise and enhance legal education of the society
  • implement ELSA vision, seek understanding and tolerance between the society and other social groups

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ELSA Vilnius

ELSA Vilnius is the oldest branch of ELSA Lithuania that unites Vilnius University Faculty of Law students and young graduate lawyers. ELSA Vilnius performs activities of local, national and international scope based on defined ELSA operational directions. ELSA Vilnius Board and the manager of each event are responsible for facilitating the transfer of knowledge to new members, controlling their work and implementing new ideas and initiatives.

The annual ELSA Vilnius Conferences “Lawyer Trump Card/joker” (S&C) as well as “Lawyer in Work” (AA) engage new members to work actively and receive practical knowledge of the organization of events. The event topics are aimed at younger students of law. During the conference of “Lawyer Trumps”, the young lawyers acquire universal knowledge of their profession. The “TeDar” conference is designed to reveal the lawyers’ flexibility in their activities, to learn about everyday life and problems from the professional lawyers.

What is more, ELSA marketing group create the image, the STEP group members are actively looking for internships and trainees, the director of cultural exchanges establishes and maintains contacts with other national ELSA groups and departments, and the director of public relations makes it all public.

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