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Online conference “Current Challenges for the Legal Systems of Lithuania and Ukraine: 2022” has been organized

An online conference “Current Challenges for the Legal Systems of Lithuania and Ukraine: 2022” has succesfully taken place on June 10, 2022 at the Faculty of Law of Vilnius University. The conference was held at the innitiative of the dean of the Faculty of Law prof. dr. Tomas Davulis. The dean has stressed that one of the most important goals of the conference is to get acquainted with the Ukrainian academics who are a part of Vilnius university and continue their work at the Faculty of Law. In the opening speech of the conference the dean emphasized the importance of actively establishing a network between Lithuanian and Ukrainian scientists and doctoral students who can share ideas and cooperate.

The conference was separated into three sessions devoted to war and law, constitutional and administrative law, and private law. A total of 22 legal scholars and doctoral students from Lithuania and Ukraine delivered their presentations at the conference.

The first session dedicated to the problems of war and law was moderated by the dean of the Faculty of Law prof. dr. Tomas Davulis and prof. dr. Jurgita Paužaitė-Kulvinskienė.

The first presenter at the conference was prof. dr. Vyacheslav Tuliakov who drew attention to the concept of criminal law, human rights and criminal sanctions, aspects of their legitimacy and necessity in the context of the war in Ukraine.

Associated prof. dr. Indrė Isokaitė-Valužė  presented a topic about issues of freedom of expression during the war and Lithuanian law within the framework of the ECtHR practice.

Associated prof. dr. Andrii Lapkin discussed the problems of the functioning of Ukrainian criminal justice system during the war against Ukraine.

Associated prof. dr. Gabrielė Juokaitė-Granskienė identified aspects and perspectives of crimes of war and crimes against humanity in Lithuanian law.

Associated prof. dr. Vitalii Gutnyk presented a topic about certain aspects of Ukraine and the International Criminal Court.

Prof. dr. Andriy Boyko pointed out what amendments were made to the Ukrainian Criminal Code after the Russian Federation launched the military aggression against Ukraine.

Associated prof. dr. Kateryna Novikova spoke on a topic of issues of information security and challenges of criminal law in the context of war.

Lect. dr. Olga Golovko presented the information war as one of the elements of diplomatic, information, military and economic (DIME) war in Ukraine.

Assist. prof. dr. Donatas Murauskas examined the question of why states choose not to follow the rulings of the ECtHR and how the states of Central and Eastern Europe differ in their views.

In the last report of the first session, assist. prof. dr. Nika Bruskina spoke about certain challenges in the implementation of ECtHR judgments in Lithuania.

The second session was moderated by associated prof. dr. dean-elected Haroldas Šinkūnas.

Institutional and legal problematic aspects of Lithuanian administrative justice were presented by prof. dr. Jurgita Paužaitė-Kulvinskienė.

Prof. dr. Oksana Shcherbaniuk gave overview of the current development trends and raising challenges of the constitutional law of Ukraine.

Prof. dr. Natalia Myronenko informed about the administrative liability for infringement of intelectual property rights.

Prof. dr. Tetiana Blashchuk spoke about the problematic of the provision of the remote medical services.

The genesis of the Lithuanian constitutionalism was presented by assoc. prof. dr. Vaidotas Vaičaitis.

Assist. dr. Agnė Juškevičiūtė-Vilienė revealed the process of constitutionalism of the Lithuanian economic system.

Phd student Karolina Mickutė spoke about the harm caused to people by poor-quality legislation and suggested possible instruments to improve the situation.

The third part of the conference focused on the challenges of private law. The session was moderated by assoc. prof. dr. Vigita Vėbraitė.

The first report of the session was delivered by prof. dr. Iryna Dikovska. She delivered a presentation on the problematic aspects of succession of limited liability company shares in Ukraine.

Prof. dr. Ramūnas Birštonas presented a report on Lithuanian copyright reforms, exceptions and limitations of copyright and challenges related to changes in their regulation.

Lect. dr. Nataliia Bulat gave an overview of the regulation of domain names, the nature and problems of their legal protection, and their relationship with trademarks.

Lect. Albertas Šekštelo gave a presentation on the problems of establishing jurisdiction in Lithuania when one of the parties to a case is from outside the European Union.

Finally, the session was closed by a presentation by Jurgis Bartkus, a PhD student, on different concepts of truth and the determination of formal truth in civil proceedings.

On the 30th of March 2022 Ukrainian Law Center has been opened at VU Faculty of Law.