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Professor Hab. Dr. Vytautas Nekrošius became President of Association of Lawyers of Lithuania

Today, a new president of the Lithuania Lawyers Association (LLA), namely, the Faculty of Law’s professor hab. dr. Vytautas Nekrošius has been elected.  He is to replace Chairman of the Council of the Lithuanian Bar Association prof. dr. Ignas Vėgėlė who has been the president of LLA for three years.

“The LLA has to become more visible and distinct when it comes to defending basic principles of legal democratic state and society, and certain legal values that are common to all the lawyers. In this regard, the LLA has to become the undisputed expert authority of both society and politicians – we have to take responsibility for a perfect consolidation of a legal state in the society so that people would see it as important as their property, health and life, without which they could not imagine their fully-fledged life in Lithuania. Adopting the Western values of democracy, we have to contribute to entrenching tolerance of different thinking, living and a number of religions in the Lithuanian society,”- the newly elected president said.

“It is the responsibility of the LLA to defend and introduce the notion that the normal life is impossible without the full realization of the rule of law in our society, including the independence of courts and prosecutors, the transparency and strict political disengagement of law enforcement system, free and democratic elections, implementing the principle of strict separation of powers in the government, and finally, without the public perception that the law is a tool for all of us to achieve the harmonious common life, rather than means for the authorities “to subdue the masses”, – professor Vytautas Nekrošius stressed.

The new president also claimed that the LLA has to react to all violations of the values regardless of whether they are carried out by a government or individual persons. The LLA must be completely apolitical and must not prioritize any political force.

Photographer Edgaras Kurauskas