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The Joint Workshop for PhD Students

AUTHOR: Research and Innovation Department

On 11th – 12th of May, 2017 Faculty of Law of Vilnius University, together with other social sciences faculties of Vilnius University, organized the joint workshop for PhD students. The workshop was held in the practice base of Vilnius University in Puvočiai village (Varėna district). The training brought together PhD students and lecturers from different faculties of Vilnius University: Philology, Philosophy, Communication, Law and the Institute of International Relations and Political Science.

The initiative aimed to improve competencies of methodological research design creation, raising questions, academic writing, application of international surveys, scientific results presentation in international context. Also, the workshop was an opportunity to strengthen the cooperation between the faculties, to promote the implementation of joint research, publications, to develop an interdisciplinary approach, open consultations and discussions about research projects in progress.