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Vilnius University launched Technology Hub

In April 2019, The Vilnius University launched a unique academic initiative by establishing the Vilnius University Technology Hub (VU Tech Hub). VU Units (the Faculties of Communication, Economics and Business Administration, Kaunas, Law, Mathematics and Informatics, Medicine, the Business School and the Life Sciences Center) joined efforts to create an especial platform for innovation and interdisciplinarity.
The VU Tech Hub will cover three main areas: students, researchers and business. There will be interdisciplinary interaction among various academic disciplines, from the medicine to the mathematics, law, management and economics. The conferences and meetings, creative workshops, hackathons, joint research, development of ideas in sandboxes are just small part of all planned activities aimed to combine different knowledge and experiences.
The founders of VU Tech Hub have agreed that the platform will be an open, flexible, innovative form of science, technology and business partnership, that will create the preconditions for the progress of high-tech and contribute the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation at the academic community. Furthermore, the Tech Hub will become an attractive place for students’ self-expression opportunities and will create the development space for practice, workplaces and start-ups.