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Vilnius University students’ impressions of Law Without Walls

Vilnius University has been participating in the Law Without Walls (LWOW) for 5 years (want to know more about this project – click here). It is honoured to be the part of the experiential learning initiative designed for practicing and aspiring legal and business professionals that brings a human-centered design perspective to law. Even a global pandemic hasn’t stopped LWOW and Vilnius University students together with their team’s members had an opportunity to present their ideas of potentially upcoming start-ups that are being developed to solve various legal problems arising in this modern world.

Some of our students’ thoughts on LWOW

LWOW provided an unique opportunity to hone my business acumen and to improve the basic competences that every practicing lawyer needs to have. This includes such core skills as teamwork, empathy and time management. I believe that the market of tomorrow will be determined by those that not only have the knowledge of “law”, but also those that have a more interdisciplinary understanding of the environment in which the law operates. This is precisely what LWOW gave to me. Even though the weekly meetings and webinars were physically challenging due to the time zone differences, I will always be grateful for the chance to learn from world famous corporate lawyers and general counsels that LWOW introduced to the students.

Justinas Drakšas, a member of the FaseIt team, which is the 1st place winner


LWOW is an experience that does not only provide you with new knowledge and practical skills but also with unforgettable network of people. It is a place where you go in and bring your expertise, leadership and teamwork skills, but also take many things from it – understanding different cultures, virtual learning and communication as well as knowledge about the international legal market, how is the innovation included and learn new business skills that you are not thought in school. It is a great place to enhance both theoretical and practical knowledge by learning from highly skilled experts and using your own skills to turn an idea into an innovative solution.

Emilija Valentinaitė, a member of the team Theria, which won the category Best Pitch


I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the LWOW community. This project allowed me to expand my knowledge about innovation and helped to adopt it in the legal field and improve the lives of others. During these 4 months, I had the opportunity to work together with an incredible team that consists of Phomolo from South Africa, Anna from Spain, and team leader Laura from the USA. Together we worked to develop a solution that will help law students and recent graduates to gain access to mentors, grow their professional networks, and share information with each other, all with the goal of assisting them in their search for employment after graduation. It has been a privilege to get to know these people and work with them these last few months! During this time I had a lot of fun!

Agnė Smagurauskaitė, member of the Focus team


Next stop – LWOW SPRINT – which hopefully will take place on 8–9 October in Miami, so stay tuned!