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Constitution Days

This is the eleventh year “Constitution Days”, already a tradition, have been held in order to commemorate a special date for all the people of Lithuania – 25th October, or the Constitution Day. It was on this day, nearly 23 years ago, that the citizens of the Republic of Lithuania adopted by referendum a new constitution that enshrined the principles of democratic state and society.

A three-day long series of events has attracted a fair share of lawyers, the Constitution lovers and curious visitors. There were tours around the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania, the conference “Electronic voting: civic expression or a possibility for unscrupulous politicians?”, distribution of Constitutions, lessons on the Constitution for students of Vilnius schools, film screening and discussion.

On Sunday, 25th October, the final event of the Constitution Days took place at Vilnius V. Kudirka square: a concert, free legal advice, games and competitions for the little ones. The event culminated in a special discussion on the meaning and significance of the Constitution in today’s state. The legal debate was attended by lawyers, academics, students and all the other interested visitors. What is more, Vytautas Landsbergis – a venerable politician and public figure that has dedicated a lot of efforts to make our country and the Constitution the way we see them now – was a guest at the event and shared his insights with others.