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Students and Assoc. Prof. Dr. V. Vaičaitis visit in Moscow


On 22-26 November, an international seminar was held in Moscow (on European and constitutional law), which was attended by students and teachers from Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Latvia and even Kenya. Vilnius University Faculty of Law students and professors are involved in this project for more than ten years.

On several occasions, the students held the seminar at Vilnius University. This year, Vilnius University Faculty of Law was represented by students Rūta Lipeikaitė, Monika Naujalė, Patricija Rukštelytė and PhD student Vytis Turonis, the curator Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vaidotas Vaičaitis. The topics of presentations: civil and political rights.

This year, the theme of the seminar was “Civil and Political rights: Concept and Meaning in International Law and National Legal Systems.” Our faculty students analysed the following issues: political rights, elections, petitions, the referendum and the right (not) to belong to a political party in the context of proportional electoral system. Every presentation was followed by a debate in which the participants of the seminar had the opportunity to express their views and insights.

After the seminar, the participants enjoyed several cultural events. This seminar was an opportunity for the participants to broaden their horizons, develop public speaking skills and build relationships with students from other countries. The next conference will take place in Hungary, the University of Pecs.