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14th European Law summer school

On 5th of July 2017 already 14th European Law summer school has finished at Vilnius University. Almost forty students from Germany, France and Lithuania received the certificates after attending successfully  lectures and seminars on problems and challenges of public, private and criminal law in Europe. During closing ceremony one of the initiators of this event prof. dr. Helmut Kohl of Johan Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main  has stressed that most participants of summer school envisaged many positive aspects of freedom, security and justice areas in Europe and now we will see European Union by more sympathetic look. 

As the guest famous German scholar and former judge of German Constitutional Court prof. dr. Dieter Grimm attended this year’s summer school. He gave lecture on problems of acceptance of European Union and discussed such questions as still insignificant role of European Parliament for Europeans and complexity of Lisbon Treaty for average citizen of EU.

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